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Who's Who

Meet the staff

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Mrs Sharon Bondonno Acting Headteacher (joint)
Miss Rebecca Cook Acting Headteacher (joint)
Mrs Sally Mitchell Year R teacher
Miss Clare Sandiford Year R teacher
Miss Emily Tester Year 1 teacher
Mrs Charlotte Huxley Year 1 teacher
Miss Alison Briers Year 2 teacher
Miss Natasha Waterman Year 2 teacher
Miss Ginny Read Year 2 teacher / Phase Leader
Mr Mathew Ruffett Year 3 teacher
Miss Sarah Major Year 3 teacher
Miss Natasha Biggs Year 4 teacher
Miss Rebecca Knight Year 4 teacher
Mr Mark Tucker Year 5 teacher
Mr Josh Leigh Year 5 teacher
Miss Clem Westlake Year 6 teacher
Miss Grace Willens Year 6 teacher
Mr Chris McGivern Year 6 teacher/ Phase Leader
Mrs Emily Deadman PPA Cover
Mrs Gemma Barton PPA Cover
Mrs Charlotte Agar PPA Cover
Mrs Annette Gate Learning Mentor
Mrs Dot Kavanagh Learning Mentor
Learning Support Staff
Miss Sofia Ali
Miss Catherine Field
Mr Samuel Colbran
Mrs Linda Clark
Mr Liam Hillier
Mrs Maia Nikistsihhna
Mrs Stacey Savigar
Mrs Sandra Bangay
Mrs Shanaz Javaid
Mrs Hannah Irving
Mr Harri Nourse
Miss Karen McInnes
Mrs Kelly-Marie Burns
Mrs Sadia Ahmed
Mrs Emma Allen
Mrs Sharon Radford
Miss Fiona McCann
Miss Casey Molloy
Miss Laura Webb
Miss Amelia Woodard
Miss Dee Patel

Administrative Support 
Miss Liz Donovan  Office Administrator
Mrs Peri Adams Office Assistant (maternity leave)
Mrs Tara Whittaker Office Assistant (maternity cover)
Midday Meals and premises Staff
Mrs Uzma Aziz Mid-day meals supervisor
Mrs Donna Killick Mid-day meals supervisor
Miss Jemma Packer Mid-day meals supervisor
Mr Kevin Tyson Premises Manager
Mrs Ivy Tumber Premises


Gallery - please click to view

Mrs Bondonno

Mrs Bondonno (20KB)

Miss Cook

Miss Cook (248KB)

Mrs Polak

Mrs Polak (21KB)

Miss Major

Miss Major (22KB)

Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Mitchell (21KB)

Miss Waterman

Miss Waterman (26KB)

Mr Tucker

Mr Tucker (18KB)

Miss Read

Miss Read (18KB)

Mrs Barton

Mrs Barton (20KB)

Miss Tester

Miss Tester (23KB)

Miss Muddel

Miss Muddel (23KB)

Miss Sandiford

Miss Sandiford (20KB)

Miss Noble

Miss Noble (22KB)

Mr McGivern

Mr McGivern (17KB)

Mrs Huxley

Mrs Huxley (19KB)

Mrs Agar

Mrs Agar (20KB)

Miss Briers

Miss Briers (23KB)

Mrs Gate

Mrs Gate (23KB)

Mrs Savigar

Mrs Savigar (22KB)

Miss Ali

Miss Ali (18KB)

Mrs Javaid

Mrs Javaid (25KB)

Mrs Radford

Mrs Radford (24KB)

Mrs Bangay

Mrs Bangay (19KB)

Mr Colbran

Mr Colbran (20KB)

Mrs Ahmed

Mrs Ahmed (19KB)

Mrs Nikistsihhna

Mrs Nikistsihhna (25KB)

Mrs Clark

Mrs Clark (20KB)

Mr Hillier

Mr Hillier (20KB)

Miss Webb

Miss Webb (23KB)

Mrs Burns

Mrs Burns (22KB)

Miss McInnes

Miss McInnes (20KB)

Mrs Irving

Mrs Irving (21KB)

Mr Nourse

Mr Nourse (18KB)

Miss McCann

Miss McCann (19KB)

Mrs Allen

Mrs Allen (20KB)

Miss Field

Miss Field (22KB)

Miss Molloy

Miss Molloy (21KB)

Miss Woodard

Miss Woodard (25KB)

Mrs Tumber

Mrs Tumber (182KB)

Mr Tyson

Mr Tyson (176KB)

Premises team

Premises team (172KB)

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