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Amazing writing from Year 6 inspired by Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf


Year 6 Mythical Creatures - monochrome collages of the Minotaur by Horowitz and Morpurgo Classes.


What a busy week. Year 2 have been burying treasure, writing positional language instructions and sending Mrs Javaid off to find it...she was last seen buying a huge bag of sweets!! Jeffers Class were making gruesome mixtures around the cauldron using good verbs.


Burningham Class thinking about Andy Goldsworthy with their natural portraits.


What a busy week in Year 3 at Southgate. Super science, remarkable reading and magnificent math. We work them hard at our school!


Dancing in P.E. Year 1 are not only keeping fit but are learning directional words. 'Slide to the left, right foot this time' Thank you Cha-Cha Slide!


Engaging with Parents and Carers is important to us. Have you downloaded the app to see what your child is learning?


Look who is a behaviour Super Star in Campbell and Carle Class today. Southgate's new Reception Children are amazing - brave, independent and resilient!


It's Fancy Dress Friday at Southgate. We all dressed up to mark the end of half term - can you guess who is who?


It's Fancy Dress Friday at Southgate. We all dressed up to mark the end of half term - can you guess who is who?


A lovely poem received from Iman and Zoya - thank you so much


Have a great weekend everyone ☺️


Such a lovely note in school today. We are so happy to be able to help our amazing front line staff


To end this term before our school closes Southgate have had a colourful dress up day to brighten everyone's day. They have also donated to our Little Boxes of Kindness which will be delivered to the elderly in the area.


Receptionist / Office Assistant


Hot Chocolate Reward with Mrs Homer today ☺️


Have a great half term everyone! See you back in school at 9am on Monday 24th February 2020


Some children had a lovely hot chocolate treat with Mrs Homer as a reward for their amazing good behaviour, everyone enjoyed it especially Mrs Homer!


We made it everyone!!!!!! Have a great Christmas and New Year and we will see you back at school on Tuesday 7th January 2020 at 9am!


One more sleep to go everyone! Don't forget early pick up tomorrow at 1.30pm and that the chidlren will recieve both their AM and PM attendance marks


It is our policy that all children must have full school uniform, worn correctly, for daily attendance at school. It is expected that uniform will also be worn when pupils are representing the school including visits and sports fixtures, whether or not these are in school hours.

Wearing school uniform helps children to feel part of our school community. It promotes cooperation and a sense of school identity and we expect all children to wear the correct uniform with pride. Please read our Uniform Policy:

Southgate Uniform Policy

To purchase Southgate school uniform, visit our Shopkeepeasy site  - please click on the link below

Parents can order all items via the website to be delivered and collected from school at no extra cost. Items can be delivered to your home address with a small delivery charge. Non logo'd items can be purchased at any high street shop or on the internet. 

 A list of items your child requires is below:

Item of Uniform Compulsory/Optional Where to Purchase Picture

Southgate navy logo V neck jumper


Southgate navy logo cardigan

Compulsory ShopKeepEasy Jumper

White buttoned shirt

(long sleeved or short sleeved)

Compulsory ShopKeepEasy SHIRT

Southgate blue tie (elastic or clip on)

Compulsory ShopKeepEasy Tie

Dark grey trousers


Dark grey skirt


Dark grey pinafore


Dark grey tailored shorts for boys or girls

Compulsory Parent choice

Trousers SKIRT


Black, white or grey socks or tights

Compulsory Parent choice SocksGREY BLACK TIGHTS
Dark coloured school Shoes  Compulsory Parent choice Shoes
Southgate Bookbag Compulsory ShopKeepEasy Book bag
Navy or grey Hijab If worn for religious purposes Parent choice HIJAB
Plain black or navy shorts Compulsory Parent choice Shorts
Plain white t shirt Compulsory Parent choice T shirt
Dark coloured tracksuit top/bottoms in cold weather Optional  Parent choice See the source image
P.E. bag (Southgate or plain colour) Compulsory ShopKeepEasy or Parent choice PE BAG
Light blue summer gingham dress Optional Parent choice Dress
Southgate rucksack Optional ShopKeepEasy Rucksack
Hats for summer that protect the eyes and neck Optional ShopKeepEasy HAT