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Come and join us on Saturday 24th February at 10-2pm at the West Sussex Recruitment Fair @ Ifield Community College. Interested in a career in teaching? Come and talk to us at the Southgate stand!


Don't forget about our Parent Coffee Morning next Wednesday 28th February at 9am where we will be discussing Uniform. Come and join us, all welcome!


Who is yet to complete our Parent survey? Please log on now and have your say!


Parents - make sure you read the letter that was emailed today (and on our website under News and Events) regarding the Parent Survey we would like you to participate in!


Come and join us on Saturday 24th February at 10-2pm at the West Sussex Recruitment Fair @ Ifield Community College. Interested in a career in teaching? Come and talk to us at the Southgate stand!


Who will be tweeting with us in the school hall on Friday at 3.30pm! Mr McGivern is excited to share his expertise (he is a Twitter GENIUS!!)


Peru class have been making fruit salads for our topic, 'What's on the menu?'. We had a great time preparing and chopping the fruit and an even better time eating it! We are now ready to write a recount about the experience in our Literacy lessons!


Twitter masterclass for parents this Friday at 3.30pm in the school hall! Struggle with understanding how to retweet? Not sure what a hashtag is? Want to know what it means to trend on Twitter? Come and join us!


Fab article, thanks


Welcome back to school! We hope you had a restful half term, and you're ready for the second half of the Spring Term!


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As a teacher , part of the , I was privileged to take 4 fantastic children on a special school trip today. A trip to experience ‘S newest product at The Science Museum. truly IS a magical mixture of ‘Make, Play and Discover’ 😍


Some of our Year 6 children are having an amazing time at The London Science Museum at an exclusive preview event for ‘s newest educational toy - ☺️😍👍


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We’re here!!! Get ready 😜☺️🤓


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are on the way to preview today! We’re coming 😍😎👍


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Eventually, half term is here! Thank you to every single one of the employees for helping make a truly positive difference to the children and students in our schools. Now it's time to rest, relax and re-charge!


Can you guess which cookies were under Mr McGivern’s watch from the last tweet?!!!!


Can you guess which cookies were under Mr McGivern’s watch?


Year 6 today had a ‘special session’ as a reward for Dojo points! Excited faces of cookie bakers!


Parents - please look at your emails sent today. We are running a Parent Feedback Survey, and would like you to complete this online! The link have been emailed :)


We break up for half term today AT THE NORMAL TIME! We hope you all have a lovely week off :)


Safeguarding Statement and DSL List

At Southgate Primary School, we take safeguarding very seriously. If you have any concerns, please report them to one our Designated Safeguarding Leads.

Designated Safeguarding Lead:

  • Mrs Bondonno 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads:

  • Mrs Barton

  • Miss Cook

  • Mrs Gate

  • Mrs Bangay

  • Mr Broad


SSB  Safeguarding Lead:

  • Mrs Robins


GLF Schools Designated Safeguarding Lead:

  • Mr Leach


Safe School, Safe Staff

We will ensure that:

All members of the governing body understand and fulfil their responsibilities, namely to ensure that:

  • there is a Child Protection policy together with a staff behaviour (code of conduct) policy

  • that GLF Schools operates safer recruitment procedures by ensuring that there is at least one person on every recruitment panel that has completed Safer Recruitment training

  • GLF Schools has procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff and volunteers and to make a referral to the DBS if a person in regulated activity has been dismissed or removed due to safeguarding concerns, or would have had they not resigned.

  • a senior leader in each school has Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) responsibility

  • on appointment, the DSLs undertake interagency training (SSCB Modules 1&2) and also undertake DSL ‘New to Role’ and the ‘Update’ Course every 2 years

  • all other staff have Safeguarding training updated as appropriate

  • any weaknesses in Child Protection are remedied immediately

  • a member of the SSB is nominated to liaise with the LA on Child Protection issues and in the event of an allegation of abuse made against the Headteacher

  • Child Protection policies and procedures are reviewed annually and that the Child Protection policy is available on each school website or by other means

  • the SSB considers how children may be taught about safeguarding. This may be part of a broad and balanced curriculum covering relevant issues through personal social health and economic education (PSHE) and/or for maintained schools through sex and relationship education (SRE).

  • that enhanced DBS checks are in place for all GLF staff and members of the GLF SSB


The Lead DSL in each school is a member of the Senior Leadership Team. There will also be at least one Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. These Officers have undertaken the compulsory training delivered through the SSCB (2 days), or by an approved external training provider, and, upon appointment will undertake ‘DSL New to Role’ training followed by biannual updates.

The DSLs who are involved in recruitment will also complete Safer Recruitment Training to be renewed every 5 years

All members of staff and volunteers are provided with child protection awareness information at induction, including in their arrival pack, the school safeguarding statement so that they know who to discuss a concern with.

All members of staff are trained in and receive regular updates in e-safety and reporting concerns.

All other staff have child protection awareness training, updated by the DSL as appropriate, to maintain their understanding of the signs and indicators of abuse.

All members of staff, volunteers, know how to respond to a pupil who discloses abuse.

All parents/carers are made aware of the responsibilities of staff members with regard to child protection procedures through publication of the school’s Child Protection Policy.

Our lettings policy will seek to ensure the suitability of adults working with children on school sites at any time.

Community users organising activities for children are aware of the school’s child protection guidelines and procedures.

Our procedures will be regularly reviewed and up-dated.

The name of the designated members of staff for Child Protection, the Designated Safeguarding Lead, will be clearly advertised in the school, with a statement explaining the school’s role in referring and monitoring cases of suspected abuse. The DSL’s for each school will be listed in the front of the policy.

All new members of staff will be given a copy of the GLF Safeguarding Statement, and child protection policy, with the DSLs’ names clearly displayed for the appropriate school, as part of their induction into the school.

The policy is available publicly both on the GLF website and on each school website. Parents/carers are made aware of this policy and their entitlement to have a copy of it via the school website.

How to contact Children's Services

If you are concerned about the safety of a child, young person or an adult you can contact our Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) responds to initial enquiries about children, young people and adults. The MASH is based in Horsham and combines Children's Service social workers, Adult’s Service social workers, and health and police staff.

- Phone: 01403 229 900 (9 – 5pm)

- Out of hours phone: 0330 222 6664 to speak to our emergency duty

- Email:, emails are dealt with during normal office hours

Prevent Duty

Published by the government in July 2015, the Prevent Duty outlines the expectations placed on schools and other childcare providers to protect children and young people from radicalisation and extremism.

They adjudge extremism to constitute views, attitudes or behaviours which run contrary to core British values such as democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty.

At Southgate Primary, we feel we prepare and protect the children from these dangers by our focus on community. Our values form an important part of this, but so do many of our topics and projects within class and in wider school life.


Whilst it is important that the correct technical systems are in place to guarantee that the children are safe whilst using the internet. It is equally important to ensure that the children are taught how to use the internet safely. They must understand how to keep themselves safe. We work with CEOPs to ensure that our children are given the necessary tools to keep themselves safe whilst using the internet.

For further help and advice on keeping children safe on the internet please click on the link to the NSPCC website.