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It was annual Moustache Day at Southgate on Friday. A chance to don a moustache just to bring a smile to our faces on a dull Friday in January. It certainly made us all giggle!


Our Year 6 boys football team won the Thomas Bennett Crawley Football League last week with a record of 7 wins, 2 draws and 0 losses. The boys were amazing and deserved their victory. Well done boys.


Year 4 Dahl Class started their drumming lassons last week. They are learning about base and tone and how to present this on a drum. It was noisy but fun.


Keeping Healthy in Campbell Class by learning how to brush our teeth


Welcome to the Southgate Space Station! Year 5 began their learning this half term pretending to go to astronaut training camp - look who made it through. To infinity and beyond..............


Dahl Class made potions to launch this half terms learning in science. They ere observing the effects of mixing liquids.


Campbell Class have been learning about healthy eating and how important a healthy breakfast is. They tried lots of different food and enjoyed every bite.


Each half term we have our Good News Assembly where we celebrate super learners and key characteristics. This half term we spotted positive children, those that see the good in all they do, have a smile on their face and embrace change and challenge. We are proud of you!


Each half term we have our Good News Assembly where we celebrate super learners and key characteristics. This half term we spotted positive children, those that see the good in all they do, have a smile on their face and embrace change and challenge. We are proud of you!


We are looking forward to seeing you all back at school for a new week, a new term and a new year.


All that remains to be said is...


We all enjoyed our Christmas party lunch - there was turkey and crackers and dancing. Christmas 2021 at Southgate Primary.


Taking Christmas Jumper Day to the next level. Year 5 team feeling festive!


It's Christmas Jumper Day at Southgate Primary today. The children looked very festive whilst raising money for Save the Children UK Here are Years R and 6 - their first and last Christmas Jumper Day at Primary School.


At Southgate we learn about different painters and their styles.


Them bones, them bones, them dry bones... Year 3 have been sorting animals into vertebrates with an endoskeleton, invertebrates with an exoskeleton and invertebrates with a hydrostatic skeleton.


Reception have their own Learning Garden. The girls have been giving directions around the garden and also exploring the fairy garden and writing stories about what might happen there.


On Friday, Southgate celebrated Children in Need. The children dressed in spotty or yellow clothes and donated 50p towards this super charity. We raised £203. Well done everyone.


In computing Dahl Class has been looking at coding and using sequences to create animations. The children created sequences to make a spaceship travel to the moon, pause, then return to Earth


Southgate has been thinking about kindness and have been celebrating out unique characteristics during Anti-bullying Week. We wore odd socks to launch our week.

Inclusion & SEND

Southgate Primary School SEND Provision


We are a mainstream, inclusive school that fully complies with the requirements outlined in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2014). At Southgate Primary School we recognise that the quality of teaching within the classroom has the greatest influence over children’s progress. We therefore invest in training, resources and monitoring to ensure our classrooms are an inclusive place for all children. This is known as the ‘Wave 1’ or ‘Quality First Teaching’ level.

Additional interventions at ‘Wave 2’ are planned to enable children to accelerate their progress and work at, or above the expectations for their age. These are generally taught in a small group and sometimes a 1:1 situation. They can also be strategies used with the children to help them be successful in the classroom.

A child identified as having SEND also receives ‘Wave 3’ interventions. These may be provided individually or in a small group, and the support provided is personalised to enable the child to achieve his/her potential. This support is additional to or different from the everyday curriculum for that class and is detailed in an Individual Support Plan (ISP). This plan is prepared by the class teacher, overseen by the SENDCO and is reviewed regularly. It may also include provision/ advice from an external agency or professional, such as a Speech and Language therapist.



Examples of our Wave 1, 2 and 3 support can be found below. Your child's teacher will carefully select the provision that is best suited to support your child's learning

Wave 1 - Inclusive Quality First Teaching

Cognition and Learning

Communication and Interaction

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Sensory and Physical

  • Using a mixture of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities in lessons
  • Differentiation curriculum planning and of tasks set in class
  • Differentiated delivery
  • Differentiated outcome
  • Teachers differentiated questioning in class
  • LA Support group
  • Teacher Support group
  • Practical resources
  • Increased visual aids, keywords, diagrammatic representations
  • Use of writing frames
  • Pupils are set targets for their learning
  • Use of ICT
  • Homework club 
  • Whole class visual timetable
  • The classroom environment supports learning through models, images and a range of visuals and key vocabulary.
  • Pupils are given extra take-up time for responses to questions or contributions to group discussions
  • Talk partners
  • Vocabulary rich classroom
  • Word of the day
  • Positive praise
  • Whole school reward systems promoting learning behaviour
  • Marvelous Me
  • Annual Prize giving/good news assembly
  • Buddy system
  • Class behaviour chart
  • Seating plans in all classes- taking into account physical and sensory needs and SEN information.
  • Concrete and visual materials and objects of reference to establish concepts and skills
  • Clear classroom and school routines are supported by visual clues


WAVE 2 - Targeted Support

Cognition and Learning

Communication and Interaction

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Sensory and Physical

  • Focus teacher groups/teaching 
  • Extra phonics teaching 
  • Focussed LA support in small groups 
  • Class Teacher support in class
  • Lunchtime booster club 
  • Appropriate practical resources available 
  • Daily 1:1 reading 
  • Pixl intervention 
  • Personal visual Timetable 
  • Now/Next/Then boards
  • Own working space 
  • Position in classroom 
  • Helicopter teaching 
  • How accessing the lesson (using the backwards approach) 
  • Personalised reward systems
  • Writing cues/ frames
  • Visual prompts 
  • Use of ICT support 
  • Precision monitoring
  • Printed copies of lesson slides
  • HFW Work  
  • Daily Times Table/ counting practice 
  • Pre teaching
  • Spellings group
  • Warm up/ pre teaching
  • Use of a laptop/iPad
  • Adapt ways of recording their work
  • Visual concept map
  • Counters to represent words in sentences 
  • Task Boards
  • Sentence starters
  • Talk tins
  • Recording their ideas and thoughts
  • Rehearsing verbal answers
  • Taking partners/groups
  • Pre teach vocabulary
  • Model good use of language
  • Refer to ‘Word Aware’ strategy book 
  • Communication fix programme
  • Barrier Games
  • Behaviour chart
  • Reward chart
  • Regular contact with parent (contact book, email, phone calls)
  • Personalised visual timetable
  • Behaviour cue cards
  • Calm box
  • Drawing and Talking Therapy
  • Fidget toys
  • Calm space
  • Own working space
  • Keeping them in mind “how was football club last night?”
  • Brain breaks
  • Social skills group
  • 20 20 20 lunchtime provision (to be agreed by SENCO)
  • Special responsibility
  • Daily check ins from Learning Mentor
  • Meet and greet
  • Positive post it book
  • Catch me being good book
  • Extra PHSCE/Circle time related to issue
  • Circle of friends
  • ‘I need time out’ card
  • Extra healthy snack (agreed with and provided by the parent)
  • Fidget toys
  • Sensory breaks
  • Colour of the paper they use
  • Colour of the background of flip chart slides
  • Pencil grip
  • Handwriting group
  • Visual reminders of letter formation
  • Ear defenders
  • Reading tracker
  • Finger space aid
  • Position in the classroom/on the carpet
  • Jump ahead
  • Throwing and catching practice
  • Fizzy hands Programme

Wave 3 - Highly personalised provision for children on SEN register

Cognition and Learning

Communication and Interaction

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Sensory and Physical

  • ISP’s Individual Support Plans 
  • Individual and personalised interventions
  • Outside agency support from
  • ASCT (Autism and Social Communication Team)
  • LBAT (Learning and Behaviour Team)
  • SALT (Speech and Language Team)
  • EP (Educational Psychologist)
  • School Nurse


  • 1:1 Speech and Language support from LSA
  • Communication interventions
  • Outside agency support from
  • SALT (Speech and Language Team)


  • Personalised behaviour plans (PSP)
  • Individual support from Thrive Practitioners 
  • Access to GLF behaviour support 
  • Referral to outside agencies
  • ASCT (Autism and Social Communication Team)
  • LBAT (Learning and Behaviour Team)
  • EP (Educational Psychologist)
  • School Nurse
  • Personalised risk assessments 
  • Specific support from a learning Assistant or Learning Mentor
  • Referral to Occupational Therapy, (OT) support
  • Sensory Support Team Support
  • Individual Care Plans
  • Equipment for specific needs purchased when needed 
  • Access to school nurse
  • If applicable, specific support from a Learning Assistant 
  • Individual risk assessments


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