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Don't forget, our Parents Evening booking system goes live at 12pm today, and is a first come, first serve system. Please call the school office if you experience any difficulties!


Fantastic class assembly 5 Holmes! Thoroughly enjoyed hearing about what you are learning about this term!


Lots of fun being had in Reception yesterday during their PE lesson!


Year 1 have been busy bees, building pirate ships! Lovely team work!


Thank to all our lovely parents & carers who joined us on Wednesday for our curriculum morning. We do hope you enjoyed the experience, and took some useful tips away! Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery on our school website!


Year 4 have been learning and exploring ‘Electricity and Circuits’ this week in science. Successfully meeting their challenges to make circuits with ‘bulbs and ‘cells’


REMINDER - we are welcoming parents and carers to join us tomorrow morning from 9-10am to join us as we open up our classrooms to allow you an insight into how we teach English! Unfortunately, as it is a lesson, it will not be suitable for younger siblings to attend.


A taster of some of our new prospectus photographs taken by Simon Drake Photography - watch this space for more popping up on our website!


Beautiful singing by 6 Peake this morning in their class assembly! Well done children!


6 Peake Class Assembly is tomorrow morning - we look forward to welcoming parents & carers. Please note, following some confusion last week, siblings within the school won't be watching class assemblies going forward.


We do hope as many Parents & Carers will join us next Wednesday 3rd October from 9-10am, where teachers will be opening up their classrooms and allowing you to observe how English is taught at Southgate!


Do you have a child starting in Reception in September 2019? If so, we will be running tours with the Headteacher throughout the Autumn term, where you can learn more about our wonderful school! Call Mrs Sullivan on 01293 525 966 to book your place.


It was fantastic to be a part of this day on Friday - our Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed it!


Don't forget to check the calendar on our website for all the key dates for the Autumn Term!


Year 5 had a lot of fun playing team building games in PE last week!


Year 6 had a wonderful morning at The Hawth taking part in the annual Junior Citizen event! They learned all about staying safe whilst out and about. 😎👍


This week in year 1 we have been working hard on our handwriting. We have been ordering sentences and we made paper boats to sail around the world.


We have had a brilliant morning with Simon Drake Photography today, taking updated photos for our prospectus. The children looked so smart in their new uniform!


Year 5 have enjoyed a busy first week - doing a Mayan artifacts investigation, playing the maths game "nice and nasty" and preparing and delivering a presentation on a Mayan city - well done Year 5!


Year 1 have enjoyed exploring numbers to ten this week. They have been learning to write, count and recognise these numbers and have enjoyed getting creative with their learning by drawing number in glitter and building them with pasta.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Philosophy

At Southgate Primary School we believe the child is at the centre of learning and they learn best when they feel safe, are motivated and are having fun. We work in partnership to ensure all children are supported to be able to reach their full potential.  We achieve this by believing every child, family and member of staff matters. We need to consistently work together to tailor education to meet the child’s individual needs. 

Our Aims

We provide an environment which is welcoming, friendly, safe and exciting for your child to learn in. Children are encouraged to make friends, be confident, independent and investigative of their surroundings, enabling them to reach their full potential regardless of race, culture, ability, gender or religion. We promote a love of learning and a positive attitude towards themselves and others. We work together to value everyone’s contributions and ideas to improve children’s learning experience. We feel it is important to see education as a learning experience where you continually reflect, adapt and improve practise to meet the child’s individual needs.

The Early Years Foundation stage 2017

Play underpins all development and learning for young children. Most children play spontaneously, although some may need adult support, and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.

Practises Guidance For the Early Years Foundation Stage DfES Publications 2007

There are seven areas of learning and development that make up the EYFS;


Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Communication and Language Development
Physical Development


Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design


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