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Have a happy and safe summer everyone. See you in September!


And to end their time at Southgate Primary School - a treasured t-shirt. Good luck to an amzing Year 6, we will miss you.


Our School Council organised a charity event to raise money for UNICEF. Their fantasic and fun obstacle course raised over £200 - well done to you all.


All our children in Year 6 could have a 'camping' experience last Friday if they wanted to. Games, campfire songs, toasting marshmallows, eating hotdogs and keeping Mrs Homer awake until the early hours of the morning! It was fantastic.


Our youngest children performed to their grown ups on Friday. They sang, danced, cat walked and shared their learning. They were magnificent!


Keeping cool in Cowell Class with a little bit of therapeutic sewing


Pupils at Southgate Primary School receive a £1,000 brilliant box of books from Read for Good From football heroes to time travellers in faraway galaxies, children have received a massive boost to their reading adventures.


Bowling!! "It was the best trip ever because it was really fun" E "It was the coolest game in the world" B "It was my first school trip and it was so much fun" M Year 2 loved their trip to Hollywood Bowl in Crawley


Our Year 5 trip to Blackland Farm on Monday was a winner. There were zip wires, climbing walls, toboggans and lots of fun. Thank you to M7Education for fully funding the adventure, we loved it.


Year 1 went to West Wittering last Friday. They built sandcastles, paddled, had ice lollies and lots of fun.


If you go down to the woods today...


Each month we share a book with the children to widen their reading experience . After completing a book review, the children enter a raffle to win the book. We love reading at Southgate


St Francis Rugby Club came to train Year 6 on Friday. They taught a range of skills and talent spotted offering an immediate place for one of our pupils...Twickenham here you come!


Year 6 had a mini Olympics at K2 - they were brilliant with positive 'have a go' attitudes.


We ended our book week dressing as characters from a book. Well done to everyone for a super effort.


Parents joined us for a Book Tasting Day yesterday. This was a chance to read with the children and have a little taste of all the different types of books we can read.


It's Book Week at Southgate Primary School! We have our Book Fair, visiting authors, shared and paired reading, a Book Tasting Menu and a dress as a book character day...phew, so much reading. We enjoyed listening to author Jim Beckett today and learning how to start a novel.


Year 2 have been observing the life cycle of a stick insect. Here they are, fully grown.


We have a new playground with seats and benches and markings. It helps us to stay fit and active.


Sports Day 2022 - an absolutely brilliant day all round. The whole school took part and everyone was a winner!


English   Read

Southgate children will be competent readers, able to understand the author's intent. They will be read and reread high quality texts, chosen specifically to expand and deepen their vocabulary. In early reading they will begin to learn other skills such as inference and scanning and skimming. They will be able to discuss information and link to real life experiences. We believe reading is the key to opportunities offered to children in later life and our aim is for all children at Southgate to make outstanding progress from their starting point. 




You can achieve!

Make a difference

We are all part of our community and valued


Experiences help us grow



Every child can read.

Reading is the catalyst to all other learning

Exposure to good quality texts

Story time each day

Sharing books at home and school

Helping each other to learn to read.

Reading corners to excite the learner

Author visits

World Book Day

Library tours

Library membership

Reading Policy 

Reading Long Term Plan

Reading overview


How do we teach? 

At Southgate Primary School, we recognise the importance of reading across the curriculum and prioritise the teaching of explicit comprehension skills. As a school we follow the CUSP scheme for whole class reading once children have completed RWInc. Whole class reading is taught in five sessions of 45 minutes. Sessions use high quality texts and extracts to teach comprehension skills with the class teacher reading the text as a class reader to model reading for pleasure as well.  The extracts offer a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Each session starts with taught vocabulary and vocabulary skills followed by fluency reading of the text in different ways e.g. choral reading echo reading etc. Then the reading skill is explained in more detail and the teacher models an example question and how to find the answer. The children are then encouraged to work independently to complete, ‘attempt and apply’ questions followed by a challenge extending the children's responses. In Early Years and KS1, the children work through the RWInc programme. Once children in Year 2 have completed the RWInc scheme they start CUSP sessions.



It is our goal for children to be accurately reading 90 words per minute by the end of Year 2 and 110 words per minute by the end of Year 6. This means making very few mistakes in

texts at the expected level and being capable of self-correcting when they do. Fluent readers also read with expression; changing their voice according to punctuation cues indicating comprehension, and intonation; with the voice rising and falling as they read, reading ahead for cues, further indicating comprehension. Techniques for teaching fluency at Southgate Primary School include:

  • Echo reading - echoing the expression and intonation used by the class teacher

  • Choral reading - reading together as a class

  • Paired reading - children listening to one another read with expression and intonation and feeding back to each other

  • Performance reading - acting out a text

  • Text marking - using marks to indicate changes in pitch, speed and volume

  • Jump in reading- when the teacher reads and asks certain children to read paragraphs 


When decoding and fluency are secure, children can begin to work on the three skills of

comprehension: language in context, retrieval and inference, all underpinned by vocabulary skills. Termly reading speeds are completed to monitor and track children's fluency once RWinc is completed.


Children at Southgate Primary School are assessed regularly via PiXL tests. These give an accurate picture of where the gaps are. Whole Class Reading can be adapted following careful analysis of PiXL results to suit the particular needs of any given cohort, class, group or individual. Reading and vocabulary skills are taught with the same strategies and procedures across the curriculum.

Why do we teach in this way? 

Reading is a vital skill needed to access content in all curriculum areas. From maths to

history and geography, via everything in between, comprehension of written material is

necessary to be successful. Nationally, pupils are not accessing expected standard content because of vocabulary deficit. By teaching explicit vocabulary skills we are enabling students at Southgate Primary School to understand questions and source materials at that expected level.

By consistently sticking to a specific structure, learning and practising skills discreetly, one at a time, we reduce the cognitive load required to learn. Children observe teachers modelling high quality, exemplar answers to support them in their own work. Seeing these answers formulated, and hearing the thought process behind them narrated, serves as a road map to success.

The inference skills we teach are useful beyond reading comprehension; they are life skills. There are many situations that require us to read mood from facial expressions or body language or ascertain a person’s opinions from what they say or how it is said. Explicitly teaching inference empowers children to negotiate complex social situations.

In using a wide variety of high-quality text extracts and whole texts, we are able to

expose children at Southgate Primary School to reading beyond their normal experience. 

How is this adapted for vulnerable learners and high attainers?

  • Children complete RWInc first to ensure that they are confident at decoding and are becoming fluent readers. 

  • In situations where long texts are overwhelming for learners, extracts are given to provide support when answering questions 

  • Word mats and sound cards are used to familiarise children with new vocabulary.

  • Teacher models with high quality example answers.

  • High attainers' needs are met by expanding their answers using APE (answer, prove and explain)



Useful websites 


app:  2 different games- Teach Your Monster to Read (Phonics) and Teach Your Monster Reading for Fun 





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