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St Francis Rugby Club came to train Year 6 on Friday. They taught a range of skills and talent spotted offering an immediate place for one of our pupils...Twickenham here you come!


Year 6 had a mini Olympics at K2 - they were brilliant with positive 'have a go' attitudes.


We ended our book week dressing as characters from a book. Well done to everyone for a super effort.


Parents joined us for a Book Tasting Day yesterday. This was a chance to read with the children and have a little taste of all the different types of books we can read.


It's Book Week at Southgate Primary School! We have our Book Fair, visiting authors, shared and paired reading, a Book Tasting Menu and a dress as a book character day...phew, so much reading. We enjoyed listening to author Jim Beckett today and learning how to start a novel.


Year 2 have been observing the life cycle of a stick insect. Here they are, fully grown.


We have a new playground with seats and benches and markings. It helps us to stay fit and active.


Sports Day 2022 - an absolutely brilliant day all round. The whole school took part and everyone was a winner!


'It was amazing'; 'I loved it at the end'; 'I loved it when they sang 'Stick it to the man''; 'My favourite part was when they were deciding their roles and instruments, it was inspiring' As you can tell, Year 6 loved School of Rock1


Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there, from Southgate Primary School


Campbell Class, our Reception children, invited Dads and Grandads into school to say a big thank you for caring for them. Happy Fathers Day for Sunday.


Year 6 visited The Hawth Theatre to see School of Rock. It was a-ma-zing! Lots of laughter, applause and fantastic music. Truly inspirational.


Year 3 had fun at Football Day last week.


We are geographers in Year 2. We can use globes, maps, atlases and IT to help us learn about countries, cities and towns.


Pneumatics is how air pressure powers and moves something. Future engineers at Southgate.


Before half term, Year 5 used their maths, science and Design Technology skills to bake cakes. They look delicious.


God Save Our Gracious Queen, Long Live Our Noble Queen, God Save The Queen. We had a fantastic time at our Jubilee Celebrations today. The children looked amazing, as did Mr Watson!


I can feel my heart in Morpurgo Class


Campbell Class have been reading Michael Rosen's Going on Bear Hunt. They used props to retell the story.


Sitting in the sunshine with a good book.

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