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We loved our cake from Dorian's Mum. A big thank you to Southgate Staff


Year 6 had a 'Posh Do' to celebrate their time at Southgate. Cocktails, pizza, icecream and fun times with friends. The perfect end for a superb year group! 'You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way!' Dr Seuss


The farm visited today with some very unusual animals. We met a bearded dragon from Australia, an armadillo from Africa with his friend the tortoise. We also said hello to some hens, some guinea pigs and Joey the kitten. It was fantastic!


We have had the most amazing two days at school with a Samba workshop and a calypso day. The children were beaming when they learned how to play the samba beat or the steel pans. Max said 'It was the best day ever!'


We have had the most amazing two days at school with a Samba workshop and a calypso day. The children were beaming when they learned how to play the samba beat or the steel pans. Max said 'It was the best day ever!'


Southgate School are cheering on Gareth Southgate and the England Team with our red and white day and our 3 minutes of fame on Heart FM. Good luck on Sunday...bring it home!


Thank you to all our amazing staff at Southgate. (but we couldn't do what we do without our brilliant children and supportive Parents) Well Done to the Southgate Team!


We're all going on a summer holiday (or staycation) Year 1 are learning all about holidays in this term's topic. They have paddling pools, ice cream kiosks and sand to learn about the seaside.


At the end of last half term we celebrated Good News at Southgate Here are our Year 6 Superstars. lead learners and respectful. We also had Spelling Shed and tT Rockstar winners


We celebrated Good News before half term. Teachers chose super learners and children that were respectful. Here are our youngest Good News Super Stars


Our 4 and 5 year olds went on a bug hunt. They found woodlice, snails, slugs, worms, beetles and even a millipede. The children wrote down some words to describe the bugs they found. They said the woodlouse ‘is bumpy’ and 'tickly'


Year 6, Horowitz Class made trancadis-effect vases in Art, inspired by the architect, Antoni Gaudi, who used broken bits of pottery to create this effect on the facades of his building designs. As you can see, they used paper mache and tissue paper to create the effect.


We love art at Southgate. Year 4 have been printing, it takes great concentration. They are sampling their prints in their art book.


In Year 6, we have been designing houses using Tinkercad, a fantastic piece of 3D design software. We have learned to manipulate objects and have created some pretty wacky designs that we are adding to each week.


Year 1 have been learning about the tradition of Shabbat. This happens each week in Jewish households, it is Friday night dinner, when all the family come together.


Year 2 have been learning about Eid Happy Eid everyone from all of us at Southgate Primary


When you are in Reception Class at Southgate Primary you learn maths in so many different ways - number, pattern, quantity and money. We love maths at Southgate


London's Burning, London's Burning - Year 2 are excited to learn about the Great Fire of London as part of their history topic this half term. Just look at this display - all created by the year 2 team - children and staff.


We launched Spelling Shed in Years 1 to 6 at Southgate. This is a program designed to support spelling skills through games and competitions. Our teachers were busy bees helping us with our spellings.


New learning about new life. Year 2 have been exploring seeds in science.

Staff List

Staff List 2020-21

Leadership Team  

Mrs Homer


Miss Cook

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Barton


Staff List

Mr Stewart

Year 6 Teacher (Phase Leader)

Mrs Wilkie

Year 6 Teacher

Miss Paterson

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Weller

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Suresh

Year 5 Teacher

Miss Savigar

Year 5 Learning Assistant

Miss Murdoch

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Barr

Year 4 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Agar

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Noble

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Mechen

Year 4 Learning Assistant

Miss Read

Year 3 Teacher (Phase Leader)

Miss Sandiford

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Woodard

Year 3 Learning Assistant

Miss Murray

Year 3 Learning Assistant

Miss Walton

Year 2 Teacher

Miss Bignal

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Nikistsihhina 

Year 2 Learning Assistant

Mrs Javaid

Year 2 Learning Assistant

Mrs Clark

Year 2 Learning Assistant

Miss Wade

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Richards

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Ali

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Mrs Kaur

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Mrs Green

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Miss Carslake

EYFS Teacher 

Mrs Reeve

EYFS Teacher

Miss Golton


Miss Everitt

EYFS Learning Assistant

Miss Groves

EYFS Learning Assistant
Mrs Case Additional Teacher

Mr Colbran

Cover Supervisor

Mrs Burns

Cover Supervisor



Mrs Aziz

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Killick

Midday Supervisor

Miss Packer

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Patel

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Shanmugasundaram

Midday Supervisor


Inclusion Team

Mrs Bangay

Learning Mentor

Mrs Gate

Learning Mentor

Mrs McInnes

Speech and Language Assistant


Mrs Talbot

Finance Administrator    

Mrs Wickens

Office Administrator



Mr Watson Premises Assistant