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If I had a hammer.... Year R have been doing woodwork but have made sure they are totally safe with these grown up tools. Safety goggles and hi vis jackets and just look at their finished products.


Year 1 have been making structures in Design Technology. They have been planning and making and testing and evaluating, just look at that concentration!


It's Good News Week at Southgate. Every teacher had to choose children who have been great team players or amazing learners this half term. Here are our Key Stage 1 super stars.


In design technology Year 5 have been making phone covers. (they'll now be able to sew on a button and fix a hem!) I've seen some amazing results.


On Thursday, the Year 6 football team played in the Crawley District Cup. We were drawn in a tough group but finished with two wins, one draw and a loss. We finished in 3rd place due to goal difference. Well done to all the boys involved.


Developing our fine motor skills to help us learn to hold a pencil and write.


Year 1 have been finding out how to make the sturdiest sandcastles in science. They have been investigating, predicting and observing.


We welcomed our Parents and Carers in to school to see how we learn in maths. We understand what numbers represent, how they work together and how we build on our mathematical skills. We are learning to be maths masters! It was great to see lots of grown ups joining in.


We love learning at Southgate


HSBC Bank came to Southgate to talk about all things money!


It's lovely to hear the sound of voices singing and music playing in school again.


Welcome to The Nook, our new sensory room at Southgate Primary


Southgate are learning about Harvest time. We think of others in challenging circumstances and where we can, we help. Well done Southgate children for all your kind donations.


22 drummers drumming! Year 4 Cowell Class took part in their first music lesson this week learning how to play the djemba drums. It was noisy but fun!


Coaches from Vision Sports have joined us at Southgate to help us get better and better at P.E and sport. On a rainy Tuesday we played indoor dodgeball learning to aim and throw - we all had an exciting time whilst improving our skills.


Welcome to our New Reception children! They are all part of Campbell Class and what a team they are already. They are brave - look at that climbing and exploring, inquisitive and enthusiastic about learning. They also really liked their school dinner...well it was roast potatoes!


Southgate are celebrating National Teaching Assistants Day! Our Teaching Assistants are integral to all we do at Southgate and we value them so much. Thank you for all that you do.


Back to school! Our new Year 2 have been painting with mud, producing art in the style of Jackson Pollock, creating lava lamps and learning about their brains and neuroplasticity - all in one week! It's so good to be back at school.


We are looking forward to welcoming back our children, Parents, Carers and staff on Monday 6th September 2021. Happy new term every one.


Who has been an amazing learner this year? These children have! Here are our Lead Learners from Key Stage 2 from our last Good News Assembly of the year. Well done to you all.

Staff List

Staff List 2020-21

Leadership Team  

Mrs Homer


Miss Cook

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Barton


Staff List

Mr Stewart

Year 6 Teacher (Phase Leader)

Mrs Wilkie

Year 6 Teacher

Miss Paterson

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Weller

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Suresh

Year 5 Teacher

Miss Savigar

Year 5 Learning Assistant

Miss Murdoch

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Barr

Year 4 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Agar

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Noble

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Mechen

Year 4 Learning Assistant

Miss Read

Year 3 Teacher (Phase Leader)

Miss Sandiford

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Woodard

Year 3 Learning Assistant

Miss Murray

Year 3 Learning Assistant

Miss Walton

Year 2 Teacher

Miss Bignal

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Nikistsihhina 

Year 2 Learning Assistant

Mrs Javaid

Year 2 Learning Assistant

Mrs Clark

Year 2 Learning Assistant

Miss Wade

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Richards

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Ali

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Mrs Kaur

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Mrs Green

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Miss Carslake

EYFS Teacher 

Mrs Reeve

EYFS Teacher

Miss Golton


Miss Everitt

EYFS Learning Assistant

Miss Groves

EYFS Learning Assistant
Mrs Case Additional Teacher

Mr Colbran

Cover Supervisor

Mrs Burns

Cover Supervisor



Mrs Aziz

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Killick

Midday Supervisor

Miss Packer

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Patel

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Shanmugasundaram

Midday Supervisor


Inclusion Team

Mrs Bangay

Learning Mentor

Mrs Gate

Learning Mentor

Mrs McInnes

Speech and Language Assistant


Mrs Talbot

Finance Administrator    

Mrs Wickens

Office Administrator



Mr Watson Premises Assistant