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God Save Our Gracious Queen, Long Live Our Noble Queen, God Save The Queen. We had a fantastic time at our Jubilee Celebrations today. The children looked amazing, as did Mr Watson!


I can feel my heart in Morpurgo Class


Campbell Class have been reading Michael Rosen's Going on Bear Hunt. They used props to retell the story.


Sitting in the sunshine with a good book.


In Year 6 we were all ready for SATs this week after a hearty breakfast with our friends.


Congratulations to Mrs Shanmugasundaram who has helped raise money through the run for very worthwhile charities including St Catherine's Hospice. Well done, we are so proud of you.


Amazing writing from L in Year 2. What super progress she has made.


Our Reception Class visted Ashdown Forest yesterday. They built dens, found Winnie the Pooh, walked for miles and fell asleep on the way home. It was a great day.


We love reading at Southgate. Indoors, outdoors, any time, anywhere. We love our playground story chair.


A new day, a new week and a new term.


I think all the children have grown taller over the break. Welcome back every one.


Winners of our Egg Competition. Well done you creative lot!


Dinosaur databases in Year 3


We have been learning about Easter across our school. Year 2 made some wonderful Easter gardens.


We love numbers in Campbell Class


Happy Mothers Day to all the special people that love us and look after us from Southgate Primary School


Getting ready for Mothers Day on Sunday 27th March 2022


Year 5 are taking part in a local schools rugby competition today. Good luck to you all.


Rockstar Day at Southgate Primary to celebrate Red Nose Day


Experimenting with carbon dioxide in Year 6

Learning at Southgate Primary

Our Southgate Curriculum

At Southgate, we pride ourselves on a child focused curriculum ensuring excellence, pride and ambition is at the heart of all we do.

Our curriculum is planned around a series of themes which maximise cross-curricular links whilst ensuring there is a clear progression in the learning of key skills. A relentless focus upon the acquisition of basic skills underpins our whole curriculum, for without the ability to read and write and apply basic mathematical concepts to problems, children will be unable to access any other form of learning. It is important to us to that our curriculum has structure, routine and rehearsal so that our pupils are familiar with the systems in place, enabling them to take risks in a safe environment.

Below is our Curriculum Rationale which incorporates our school values of 





As a school we have identified three curriculum ‘drivers’ which thread through all of our learning themes. These have been carefully selected through consultation with staff, identifying the needs and interests of the pupils

Possibilities: In a rapidly changing world, we will equip our children with the skills and qualities needed so they can embrace life’s challenges and opportunities with confidence. Our curriculum will open children’s eyes to new possibilities so they can develop aspirational attitudes and understand how to achieve their full potential, ensuring each child attains the highest academic achievements of which they are capable. 

Making a Difference: As citizens of the 21st century, we recognise the importance of our children using their skills, knowledge and beliefs to not only benefit themselves but also impact positively on the wider community. Our curriculum embraces equality and diversity, and celebrates the rich diversity of modern Britain, our children will positively impact on the world around them

Adventure: We believe that it is important for our children to understand that life is more than a virtual/digital world. We are passionate about their health and well - being and will therefore provide opportunities for the children to develop resilience and manage risk. Our curriculum will excite children about the real world, engage them in rich hands on experiences, which in turn will develop their imaginations, through exploring and having fun.  






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