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It was annual Moustache Day at Southgate on Friday. A chance to don a moustache just to bring a smile to our faces on a dull Friday in January. It certainly made us all giggle!


Our Year 6 boys football team won the Thomas Bennett Crawley Football League last week with a record of 7 wins, 2 draws and 0 losses. The boys were amazing and deserved their victory. Well done boys.


Year 4 Dahl Class started their drumming lassons last week. They are learning about base and tone and how to present this on a drum. It was noisy but fun.


Keeping Healthy in Campbell Class by learning how to brush our teeth


Welcome to the Southgate Space Station! Year 5 began their learning this half term pretending to go to astronaut training camp - look who made it through. To infinity and beyond..............


Dahl Class made potions to launch this half terms learning in science. They ere observing the effects of mixing liquids.


Campbell Class have been learning about healthy eating and how important a healthy breakfast is. They tried lots of different food and enjoyed every bite.


Each half term we have our Good News Assembly where we celebrate super learners and key characteristics. This half term we spotted positive children, those that see the good in all they do, have a smile on their face and embrace change and challenge. We are proud of you!


Each half term we have our Good News Assembly where we celebrate super learners and key characteristics. This half term we spotted positive children, those that see the good in all they do, have a smile on their face and embrace change and challenge. We are proud of you!


We are looking forward to seeing you all back at school for a new week, a new term and a new year.


All that remains to be said is...


We all enjoyed our Christmas party lunch - there was turkey and crackers and dancing. Christmas 2021 at Southgate Primary.


Taking Christmas Jumper Day to the next level. Year 5 team feeling festive!


It's Christmas Jumper Day at Southgate Primary today. The children looked very festive whilst raising money for Save the Children UK Here are Years R and 6 - their first and last Christmas Jumper Day at Primary School.


At Southgate we learn about different painters and their styles.


Them bones, them bones, them dry bones... Year 3 have been sorting animals into vertebrates with an endoskeleton, invertebrates with an exoskeleton and invertebrates with a hydrostatic skeleton.


Reception have their own Learning Garden. The girls have been giving directions around the garden and also exploring the fairy garden and writing stories about what might happen there.


On Friday, Southgate celebrated Children in Need. The children dressed in spotty or yellow clothes and donated 50p towards this super charity. We raised £203. Well done everyone.


In computing Dahl Class has been looking at coding and using sequences to create animations. The children created sequences to make a spaceship travel to the moon, pause, then return to Earth


Southgate has been thinking about kindness and have been celebrating out unique characteristics during Anti-bullying Week. We wore odd socks to launch our week.

Learning at Southgate Primary

Southgate Primary School Curriculum Map 2021 - 2022

Curriculum map

Our Southgate Curriculum

At Southgate Primary, all curriculum planning is based on 3 core drivers, supported by a thematic curricular approach which fulfils and deepens the National Curriculum. 

We aim to develop a Curriculum for life which combines interpersonal and academic skills together with a deep appreciation for the international world around us. 

Our curriculum aims to develop well-rounded, global citizens, who have a thirst for learning - a child who relishes challenges, embraces their mistakes as part of the learning process, values the importance of effort, responds carefully to feedback and takes inspiration from others. This will help them to achieve, not only with us, but also in their future lives as adults. 


In a rapidly changing world, we will equip our children with the skills and qualities needed so they can embrace life's challenges and opportunities with confidence. 

Our curriculum will open children's eyes to new possibilities so they can develop aspirational attitudes and understand how to achieve their full potential, ensuring each child attains the highest academic achievements of whcih they are capable. 


Dream big

Making a Difference

As citizens of the 21st century, we recognise the importance of our children using their skills, knowledge and beliefs to not only benefit ourselves but also impact positively on the wider community. 

Our curriculum embraces quality and diversity by experiencing entrepreneurial challenges and celebrating the rich diversity of modern Britain. We hope our children will positively impact on the world around them. 



We believe that it is important for our children to understand that life is more than a virtual/digital world. We are passionate about their health and well-being and will therefore provide opportunities for the children to develop resilience and manage risk. 

Our curriculum will excite children about the real world, engage them in rich hands on experiences, which in turn will develop their imaginations through exploring and having fun. 





A place where excellence, pride and ambition is at the heart of all we do.